High Capacity Compression Load Cell


  • Capacity 20-50 Tons
  • Stainless steel housing with nickel plated alloy steel sensor
  • Surge arrestor fitted
  • Hermetically Sealed to IP68 protection
  • Interchangeable with Philips PR6201, Vishay 120


20-30T 50T



True-Tec Grade N P
Rated capacity (E max) Tons 20, 30, 50
Sensitivity mV/V 1.50
Sensitivity tolerance ± mV/V 0.030
Zero balance ± mV/V 0.030
Temperature effect on Zero ±%/10°C 0.060 0.040
Temperature effect on output ±%/10°C 0.050 0.040
Zero return after 30 min. ±% 0.030 0.020
Total Error % 0.030 0.020
Nominal temperature range °C -10 to +40
Service temperature range °C -30 to +70
Limit load % of R.C. 200
Break load % of R.C. 300
Nominal excitation V 10
Max. excitation V 24
Input impedance Ohm 670 ± 15
Output impedance Ohm 600 ± 5
Insulation resistance MOhm > 2000
Cable length m 15 (20 and 30T), 20 (50T)
Cable type 6x22 AWG,Braid Shielded Gray PVC Jacket
Color code +exc -green, +sig-red, +sen-blue, -exc-black, -sig-white, -sen-brown
Construction Alloy steel sensor, Stainless steel housing
Protection class to IEC529 IP68


Model CS20 is a modern single column compression load cell of low profile. Suitable for all heavy duty weighing applications, the CS20 gives high accuracy and low installation cost.

With anti-corrosion plated alloy steel sensor and contained in a stainless steel housing, it is particularly well suited for truck scales, rail road scales, tank, bin and silo weighing application etc.

This compression load cell has a small tolerance in output and can be easily used in multi-cell installations without any adjustment in junction box.

The additional sensor wires feed back the voltage reaching the load cell, compensate for changes in lead resistance due to temperature change and/or cable extension is achieved by feeding this voltage into the appropriate electronics.