Single Point Aluminum Load Cell


  • Capacity 5-35kg
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Single point 300x300 mm platform
  • Electronic Circuit sealed with special glue for excellent humidity protection
  • Room temperature accuracy up to 15,000 divisions



M6 8.8 class socket head screw, tightening torque 7NM


True-Tec Grade N P R
Rated Capacity (E max) kg 5, 10, 20, 35
Sensitivity mV/V 2.00
Sensitivity tolerance ± mV/V 0.20
Zero balance ± mV/V 0.10
30 min. Creep % of R.C. 0.025 0.017 0.017
Temperature effect on Zero ±% of R.C./10°C 0.060 0.040 0.014
Temperature effect on Span ±% of R.C./10°C 0.014 0.010 0.010
Eccentric Loading error ±%/cm 0.0057
Maximum platform size cm 30x30
Nominal temperature range °C -10 to +40
Service temperature range °C -30 to +70
Limit load % of R.C. 150
Break load % of R.C. 300
Nominal excitation V 10
Max. excitation V 15
Input impedance Ohm 406 ± 15
Output impedance Ohm 350 ± 3
Insulation resistance MOhm > 2000
Compensation circuit type Balanced Bridge
Cable length m 0.25
Cable type 4x28 AWG, Aluminum Mylar Foil Shielded, Black PVC Jacket
Color code +exc-green, +sig-red, -exc-black, -sig- white
Construction Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Humidity Protection Dip in water of 1M deep>100h; and Last in 40°C95%RH/20°C50%RH 12h cycle>20 cycles.


Model PA06MG is a load cell specially designed for waterproof applications. With special sealing treatment of the electronic circuits, this load cell can last very long in the high humidity environment at reasonable precision.

Anodized aluminum alloy structure of PA06MG together with its excellence humidity protection, makes it ideal for scales in those applications which require low cost and very high water and humidity resistance such as food processing industry and seafood markets.